Website Design Process

Conversation and Collaboration

Our process starts with a face-to-face meeting. We listen to your story in order to gauge the needs and goals of your business. It's the start of a collaborative effort to amplify your brand through your fresh new website.
Right from that first phone conversation, from the introductions to the small talk, to the "how did you get started in business?", the path is being paved that leads to the creation of your new webiste.
At the base of every successful business is the very real story of the blood, sweat and tears that mixed the mortar that built the foundation of your business. Being authentic on the web is of paramount importance, where words and pictures comprise the image of every person and organization. Conveying that authenticity is what we're doing to achieve amplifying your brand on the internet.
So you can see, right from the get-go, this process is a collaboration.
We're not the experts on your business. You are. We are experts at web marketing though, and together we will work hand-in-hand to build a site that shows the world who you are, what you have to offer, and connects your business to the customers looking for what you've got to offer. In the end, that connection is what you're going for, and it's what we're going to achieve together.

Design and Build

We head back to our studio to get to work on designs that best represent your brand, based on our conversation. Once you approve a design we start construction on your site keeping you in the loop on the progress.
Armed with the information we gleaned from our conversation, we have enough to get going on creating a winning website design that will be uniquely yours. Every font, photo and word we choose is carefully selected in order to communicate your business message to the community.
Serif or Sans Serif? Butternut Yellow or Cobalt Blue? As designers by nature we scrutinize every choice we make in cobbling together the elements that will be the very fabric of your new website. No Times Roman, Arial or Tahoma. We'll leave those average, hum-drum fonts to the world of the template peddlers. Not here. We build your site from scratch, a blank canvas, starting with nothing but a white sheet staring at us, waiting to have the life of your brand breathed into it.
The beauty of our unique set of web tools allows us the creative freedom to design and build almost simultaneously. What that means to you is more value for your money spent. Doesn't that sound refreshing?
We'll present to you the First Look, literally, your first look at your new website design. From there we'll talk about what you like, what you don't like, what needs to be added, and sometimes, what needs to be torn down. The point is, you'll be involved right from the beginning discussions, through the the initial design and into the final masterpiece. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us in getting the site right. Our aim is not to give you what we think your website should be, but rather, reveal to you the website and brand that evolves out of our collaboration.

Feedback and Refine

Your feedback is key in helping us to refine the design and finish the site. Further improvements are made while all links are connected and animations are added in order to optimally showcase your brand.
Comment after comment, idea after idea, we'll gather up the notes from our meeting and head back to our design center to refine the design to best reflect those qualities that convey your business's brand to your customer. You like the color choice but despise the font? You'd like to see more photos and less text? Done and done. The refining process is an exchange of ideas for the finishing touches on your website. We'll offer up ideas of our own and combine them with yours to develop a beautiful result that absolutely works on the web in getting you noticed and your business to the next level.

Optimize and Launch

After the final tweaks your site will be optimized for fast load times and responsive viewing on desktop, tablet and mobile.
The refining stage leads directly into the optimizing and pre-launch phases—the pre-cursor to your site launching live to the world! Without boring you with the geeky details, we're going to make sure your website is Google-friendly with best search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Your site will be hosted on blazing fast servers in partnership with Amazon and Webflow. You need a domain name? Gotcha covered. Genovesi Web Design and Marketing is the only phone call you'll need to make to get the website your business needs to succeed.
Give us a shout today, and take the first step towards taking your business to the next level. Remember, we're here to help your business grow.