Brand Identity

It’s the collection of various elements that the consumer sees when they look at any type of representation of your company: logo, website, business cards, signage. The whole shebang.

A process that helps you win.



We start the process with a discovery meeting to uncover what makes your company uniquely yours. The personality, culture and values are the underpinning to every great brand.


Logo Concepts

The most visible part of your brand is your logo. When properly designed this mark will be the key identifier that connects customers to your company. Your logo will arise out of the discovery phase of the branding process.



Stylescapes are tools that help you see your brand’s look and feel by showing the fonts, colors and images that will showcase your brand. Typically, three stylescapes are designed to give you an idea of how we can take different approaches to uncovering your brand’s true identity.


Brand Guide

Making sure your brand’s identity is preserved no matter where you display it is the job of your brand guide. This package will have all the ingredients and guidelines necessary to make sure your brand is properly showcased, whether the media is a pen or letterhead, website or social media platform, billboard or print ad.

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